The Strange Case of Dianic Wicca

written and copyrighted by Týra Alrune Sahsnotasvriunt, July 2014


Pagan religions are usually dualist in essence or more accurately they are about a healthy balance between the opposing forces this universe consists of.
There could be no light without dark, no right without wrong, joy without pain and so forth… One would conclude that, spiritually as well as materially speaking, the female aspect could not exist without the male aspect either – and vice versa of course.
In Dianic Wicca though, everything has a balancing counterpart, a yin to the yang, except for the Goddess herself. She is “complete unto herself” in her threefold self as maiden, mother and crone. She “needs no male companion”, is impregnated, gives birth and rules over everything and everyone all by herself, i.e. contains all.
Which is confusing, because if she contains “all” this would also count for every male creature on this planet and in the multiverse as well as every God, meaning she would represent both sexes equally and be “everything” – an “it” rather than a “she”, a spiritual hermaphrodite.
Dianic Wicca appears to be reserved for a certain type of woman, which usually comes with even more issues than Dianic Wicca itself.
I was a member of a Dianic facebook group for a few short weeks and sincerely did my best to comprehend this tradition. It got obvious that a majority of these girls and women had suffered traumatic or at least negative experiences and had now found a way of cultivating their hatred, anger and pain: Men were generally rapists, patriarchs, violent oppressors.
As one Dianic witch remarked, when I asked how it is just to say all men were violent when she certainly hadn’t met all men on this planet, she simply replied that men have the physical strength to rape, overpower women, do harm and that was why they needed to be kept in check. I asked that if men were all guilty because they had the physical strength to – possibly, maybe – use it against women, if women were automatically child abusers, because they were stronger than children and could easily harm them too.
I never received a reply save for being banned from the group. A friend of mine recently confirmed that once she had been a guest at a Dianic event, men were generally described as inferior animals and it was suggested to keep them all in cages unless they were needed for breeding.
If this reminds you of Islam only in reverse, you are not wrong…

In order to understand this unusual path a little better, let us go back to its very beginnings.
Few will hear the term Dianic Wicca and not think of extremist feminist, leftist fascist, narcissist and transgendered hater Zsuzsanna Budapest.
However, all is not well amongst these delicate little feminist flowers,

[Xena hath spoken!]

and thus Budapest and Morgan McFarland’s followers have kept alive a pissing-contest over the years on who “actually” and “really” founded Dianic Wicca in 1971 and who follows the true path of the Goddess. (Both apparently forgetting Margaret Murray’s work which already began in 1921.)
On Zsuzsanna Budapests’ page we find this lovely statement: “[…] Morgan McFarland, took the Dianic tradition to a place it was never meant to go when she began admitting men into her worship space and classes. In fact, Morgan McFarland went so far as to ordain her husband into her version of the Dianic tradition, thus creating the beginnings of controversy and issues of separatism. Morgan McFarland then promptly divorced her husband, but he continued to teach and propagate his own brand of Dianic philosophies. […] The result of the creation of the McFarland Dianic tradition has been that the original Dianic tradition has had to redefine itself to distance itself from theMcFarlands. […]”

g1362181500358635915.jpg g1362181692753096129.jpg

It appears the only somewhat acknowledgeable “distinction” is that Budapest Dianics ban men, Gods and MTF transgendered persons from their tradition, celebrations and rituals completely, while McFarland Dianics allow male members (although pets might be a more accurate term here, considering my own run-in with a male of “Old” (McFarland) Dianic Wicca who had nothing better to do than constantly apologizing “on behalf of all men”…I’ll leave this uncommented.)
Budapest’s reason for banning males completely: “It’s the natural law, as women fare so fares the world, their children, and that’s everybody”.
If this should be taken to mean that once men join rituals women and “everyone” fares worse I can only suspect. Otherwise I’m not sure how to read this statement.
Budapest is also of the opinion that women and children are “everything there is” in terms of mankind.
Why? Because women create and give birth to children and that “is something men cannot do for themselves”. Now. Wait a minute. And how exactly do women create children? With the help of men ONLY possibly…???
Of course these are not the only disturbing (or disturbed) comment Budapest has ever made.
In 2010 she received a lot of heat for her hate tirade against transgendered male to females. Just like men are barred from her rituals and celebrations so are “trannies” as she calls them. Why? – Because “Women are born, not made on operating tables”.
My personal critique is not even that she excludes specific groups or individuals or that she calls for women to fully explore womens’ mysteries or even that she says that there should be domains left to women only. – There have always been exlusive clubs, kindreds, societies and covens. If you dislike this fact – start your own inclusive coven.
What I find problematic is merely the open and unfiltered hatred and bitterness towards the groups she excludes, the choice of words and also her illogical argumentation I can neither grasp nor condone.
Especially Budapest Dianics allege they celebrate the wheel of the year, albeit how without the aspect of the God I’m not entirely sure. Yule without the God?! It is basically but his holiday, just as Brigid is the Goddesses’. Rituals, techniques, threefold law, all this happens just like in “regular” Wicca, save that all of it is female-centric ONLY. Whatever Budapest may think of the origins of Wicca itself, as founded or “re-established” by a man – Gerald Gardner – after all…?


Let’s look at the principles of Budapest Dianic Wicca as pinned down on a restaurant napkin in 1971:

“We believe that feminist witches are women who search within themselves for the female principle of the universe and who relate as daughters to the Creatrix.”
Either there are female principles in the universe (as well as male ones) or there is nothing BUT that, otherwise the term Creatrix would not make sense.

“We believe that, just as it is time to fight for the right to control our bodies, it is also time to fight for our sweet woman souls.”
Of course we have already established that a single-cell organism on Mars constitutes life while an embryo, a living human being, can simply be “aborted” – in other words murdered. You are not controlling YOUR body, you are controlling and murdering your baby’s body. Period.

“We believe that in order to fight and win a revolution that will stretch for generations into the future, we must find reliable ways to replenish our energies. We believe that without a secure grounding in women’s spiritual strength there will be no victory for us.”
Victory being the key word here. Budapest has long made public that the only victory she acknowledges is the one of women over men. No equality there. Feminism is not called FEMinism for nothing, it cares about women’s rights, not human rights.

“We believe that we are part of a changing universal consciousness that has long been feared and prophesied by the patriarchs.”
What patriarchy? Women worldwide are CEOs, presidents and prime ministers, women are found in high- as well as low-paying jobs, women are free to vote, choose how and where to live, who to love and even have far more rights in child custody cases and many other areas of life.

“We believe that Goddess-consciousness gave humanity a workable, long-lasting, peaceful period during which Earth was treated as Mother and women were treated as Her priestesses.”
While women were revered and acknowledged in many if not most ancient Pagan and polytheistic traditions there has never been a historic “Goddess-consciousness” i.e. matriarchy like she and other authors such as Starhawk describe!

“We believe that women lost supremacy through the aggressions of males who were exiled from the matriarchies and formed the patriarchal hordes responsible for the invention of rape and the subjugation of women.”
Again, there is not a smidgeon of historical evidence for this.

“We believe that the female control of death principle yields human evolution.”
I am not sure I’m reading this right but it lets the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

“We are committed to living life lovingly toward ourselves and our sisters.”
No words of brothers, I’m not surprised.

“We are committed to joy, self-love, and life affirmation.”
Is it life-affirming to abort human babies? If you think abortion is not murder I encourage you to read Ron Paul’s accounts of an abortion he witnessed or google for pictures, videos and other witness accounts – if you dare that is.

“We are committed to winning, to surviving, to struggling against patriarchal oppression.”
Replacing patriarchy with their much praised matriarchy is better how…? There will never be harmony between the sexes as long as one rules the other. In order for harmony their differences, strengths and weaknesses should be acknowledged and even celebrated.

“We are committed to defending our interests and those of our sisters through the knowledge of witchcraft: to blessing, to cursing, to healing, and to binding with power rooted in woman-identified wisdom.”
They are hypocritically attacking men for only acting in their own interests while exclusively doing the same.

“We are opposed to attacking the innocent.”
Since Dianics have no problem cursing people it would be interesting as to what their definition of innocent is. (It probably neither includes boys nor men…)

“We are equally committed to political, communal, and personal solutions.”

“We are committed to teaching women how to organize themselves as witches and to sharing our traditions with women.”

“We are opposed to teaching our magic and our craft to men until the equality of the sexes is a reality. We teach Pan workshops today and work together with men who have changed themselves into brothers.”
Which translates to “never” as there are not just societal but biological/evolutionary factors why the sexes will never be equal. A kind of “equality” in which every sex has to be and act in the same way reminds of fascism.

“Our immediate goal is to congregate with each other according to our ancient women-made laws and to remember our past, renew our powers, and affirm our Goddess of the Ten Thousand Names.”

I’m very curious how Dianics would react if men accepted their challenge to uncover their own “male mysteries” and lived by the above laws, replacing the word “sister” with brother and woman with man though. It would certainly cause an outrage at such a frivolous celebration of “patriarchy”!

Sadly, I cannot argue pro Dianic Wicca in the slightest. Imbalance is not the Pagan way. Dianic Wicca is much like reactionary or “youth” Satanism in that it is nothing but rebellion against something it despises while adhering to the same principles as the subject of their hate – only in reverse.



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. likeoldkhayyam
    Aug 11, 2014 @ 04:12:59

    As an ex Muslim the “islam in reverse” bit was pretty spot on..

    Liked by 1 person


  2. betoquintas
    Aug 11, 2014 @ 16:25:46

    If you think that weird, how about this woman comes to Brazil [where I live] and ordain a man in her tradition? Yes, you don’t read mistakenly. That woman ordain a man in a local event called “Conferencia Wicca”, hosted by Claudiney Prieto, the man who was ordained by Zsuzsanna Budapest.



  3. guest
    Jul 06, 2015 @ 23:35:51

    Wow, what a horribly biased and hateful article. I want the time it took to read it back.



  4. rev dr o
    Aug 23, 2016 @ 19:33:42

    Very spot on essay.
    Thank you for shining some light of reason into a deep morass.
    A few questions:
    How does one qualify this very recent (and badly twisted) twig of the quite young pagan revival as a ‘tradition’?
    How come you are being so logical, even handed, and honest with these sad hateful people? You are clearly being abusive by being so clear and direct!



  5. Mr. J
    Dec 19, 2016 @ 23:10:35

    You make some strong points Tyra. It’s interesting that a friend of yours ‘confirmed that once she had been a guest at a Dianic event, men were generally described as inferior animals and it was suggested to keep them all in cages unless they were needed for breeding’.

    What this is reminiscent of to me is the Femdom fantasies cherished by sexually masochistic males (such as myself).

    BTW It was hot the way you ripped that guest to shreds! Hehe. =)



  6. Xeno vista
    Dec 22, 2016 @ 05:50:51

    I appluade this article for several reasons. One being that it isn’t the usual far left glorification of the female and even calls out Dianic Wicca for it’s hateful bullshit. Good on you! This community needs more voices like yours. I’ve become disenchanted with the whole thing because most of the people I’ve run into are pompous assholes who focus solely on the feminine as divine, and actively try to push men out of the community.



  7. John
    Dec 31, 2016 @ 22:26:10

    Love love love your article !!!! It’s a wonder we as species walked on the moon,
    Cured desieses, defeated fascism(well one version anyway) this one looks alive and well, with those evil men in charge. What a crock of BS this is. It’s apearant to anyone who has evolved past purberty that Z Budapest (ya that her real name) is nothing more than con-women, enriching herself with fear and demagoguery. Taking advantage of a bunch of either weak minded perpetual victims, so she didn’t have to work a day in her life. And I’m sure she’s happy to suck on the tit of the US taxpayers, that evil patriarchy, but as long as those checks cash on time. Maybe the IRS would be interested in their non profit status, after President Trump takes office . As the kids say …. just saying.



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