Yggdrasil – Yew, not Ash Tree


written by Týra Alrune Sahsnotasvriunt

In my specific belief system it is uncontested that Yggdrasil is a yew tree and not the ash tree that is only once mentioned in the Völuspa of the Edda, although the descriptions of Yggdrasil clearly are not those of the ash tree.

In the light of the persisting Wotan cult we mostly read that Ygg, “the terrible”, is another name for Wotan and drasil is the Old Norse word for horse.
This has been linked to the Wild Hunt, led by Wotan. Alas, originally it was Frau Holle (Hulda, Frigg) who led the nightly Wild Hunt before Wotan replaced her.

Another attempt at a translation is “terrible tree” (Gallowtree), also linking this to Wotan hanging himself from the world tree for nine days and nights in order to receive the runes.
The hanged Wotan is also known as Hangatyr. Why would Wotan’s name be “Hanging Tyr”? Here we have more proof for Wotan replacing all the old (high) Gods and his cult establishing him as some sort of almighty Allfather figure.

On top of this, Wotan’s tree is the ash, his spear Gungnir made of this wood as well. Since Wotan had replaced our old chief God(s) it is not surprising that certain elements were modified.

Sahsnotas Irminsul

Hangatyr, Týr-Irmin who hung himself from the world tree

The term Gallowtree is not so far-fetched, considering that the yew tree is linked to death (and rebirth), basically the circle of life. The Elder Futhark rune Eiwaz/Eo and the Anglo-Saxon rune Yr symbolize this tree. There is no rune symbolizing the ash tree.

A more reliable translation for “Yggdrasil” would hence either be Yewhorse or Yewpillar. The Old Norse yggja and Germanic igwja are words for the yew.
Drasill could as well be a form of the indo-Germanic syllable –dher, meaning pillar, support.

Another name for Yggdrasil is Irminsul, Irmin’s pillar. Irmin is another name of our original chief God Sahsnotas (Saxnot-Týr).

Irminsul my old poster

From “Drasill’s” Mouth – Accounts of the Nature of Yggdrasil in the Eddas and other Lore

In modern translations of Gylfaginning 17 (Edda) the word barr has been mistranslated as leaves. Barr means conifer.

Throughout the Edda it is emphasized that the world tree is an evergreen tree. The ash is not evergreen but the coniferous yew is. Even in the Norwegian Rune Song it is said of the Eiwaz/Eo rune: “Yr is the most evergreen tree”.

In Gylfaginning 16 it is mentioned that intoxicating honeydew (mead) is dripping from the world tree. The ash tree has many wonderful healing properties, it does not have one single component that is intoxicating though.
The yew tree on the other hand does. Its poison Taxin has an equally intoxicating and hallucinatory effect similar to LSD.


The Walknut, originally not a symbol of Wotan, (just as the line of Wal and the Wal-küren were once not of this God either) is representative of the world tree (nine worlds). What tree does this remind you of, a yew perhaps?

In Fjölswid 13 we are asked, “Tell me the conifer’s name whose branches are encompassing all lands?”

The rune Eiwaz is also known as Iwaz and the Old High German word iwa means everlasting, eternal. As eternal as the “evergreen” leaves of the yew tree and as everlasting as the circle of life.


The God Ull lives in Ydal (Yew Valley) and his bow and arrow are made of yew, just like Skadi’s are. Even in Iceland Yggdrasil was associated with bow and arrow. Bows and arrows were traditionally made out of yew due to its near indestructible, robust quality. Europe and especially Germany was “the land of yew”.

The Yule tree has traditionally been a conifer tree and where I live it was traditionally a yew tree up until the 19th century. The Yule tree is symbolic of the world tree Yggdrasil. I am not sure about you, but I have never heard of anyone having put up an ash tree for Yule…

Now, this might be coincidence or over-interpretation, but it always struck me as funny that when you turn around Thunar’s hammer Mjölnir, it resembles a tree, or yew tree more accurately. Mjölnir is the sustainer of the world tree and ultimately the multiverse. Since most of our ancestors were not Viking raiders but farmers it is obvious why they depended on the hammer which brought on rain and hence growth of crops. Thus hammer and tree are connected.

Irminsul yule

Here you have it from the horses – or “drasill’s” – mouth, it is made very clear in lore what kind of tree Yggdrasil really is and always will be.

The Symbolism of Numbers


by Týra Alrune Sahsnotasvriunt

Void/Nirvana (Buddhism)
Circle of life
Harmony (Pythagoras)
Universe (Hinduism, Babylonian religion)
Vicious cycle
In Thursatrú: “Chasek”, Darkness
Tarot: The Fool

In Thursatrú: “Bohu”, Emptiness

In Thursatrú: “Tohu”, Crown of God

First (place)
Bears resemblance to the 11th rune of the Futhark: Isa
Fehu rune (wealth)
The “loneliest number”
Tarot: The Magician
Lenormand: Rider

Shakta-Shakti (Hinduism)
Samsara (Buddhism)
Duality (monotheism, Zoroastrism, Gnosticism, some forms of Satanism)
Yin and Yang
Uruz rune (Audhumla)
Twins (also spiritual)
Tarot: High Priestess
Lenormand: Clover

Triple/Threefold Goddess
Birth, life, death or alternately life, death, rebirth
Third Dimension
“Power of three” (Alchemy)
Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva and their consorts Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kali (Hinduism)
Loas (Baron Samedi, Baron de la Croix and Baron Cemetiere) (Vodun, Santeria, Candomble)
Heaven (sky), earth, water
Level OTIII (OT three) is when the “cosmic truth” of Scientology is revealed: Xenu alarm!
Phases of the moon
Norns (Germanic Paganism)
Matrons (Germanic Paganism)
3×3 worlds/levels on the Yggdrasil world tree (Germanic Paganism)
Body, mind and spirit
Thurisaz rune (giant power, Thunar)
Three astrological signs in each element
Gullveig was burnt three times (Germanic Paganism)
Loki and Angerboda have three Rökkr children (Hel, Fenris and Jörmungand) (Germanic Paganism)
The brothers Loki, Aegir and Kári (Germanic Paganism)
Three sixes – 666
3 x 3 = 9, the “magical number”
Wishes a djinn will grant
Trinity (Christianity)
Triratna: Buddha, Darma, Samgha (Buddhism)
Jesus is dead for 3 days and reappears 3 times after his resurrection (Christianity)
Heaven, Man, Earth as a union (Daoism)
The Erinnyen (Alecto, Tisiphone and Megaira) (Hellenism)
The Moirae (Roman)
Trismegistus (Hermetic)
Graces (Hellenism)
Gorgons (Hellenism)
Sirens (Hellenism)
Hores (Hellenism)
Hesperides (Hellenism)
Sun, moon, earth – the unity of the creator (Maori)
“Three’s a crowd”
“Third time’s a charm”
Pyramid (Kemetism, mathematics)
Number of the spirit
Tarot: Emperor
Lenormand: Ship

Number of the material world
The Loas plus Maman Brigitte (Vodun, Santeria, Candomble)
The deities Sol, Dag, Mani, Nott (Germanic Paganism)
Cardinal points
Germanic dwarves (Austri, Sudri, Vestri and Nordri)
Germanic stags (Dainn, Dvalin, Duneyrr and Durathror)
Ansuz rune (god, Wotan, Ase)
Temperaments (sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic) (Anthroposophy)
Four winds
Quarters of the moon
Arms of the Cross (Christianity)
The three Rökkr children of Loki plus Sleipnir (Hel: Earth, Sleipnir: Air, Fenris: Fire, Jörmungand: Water)
Arms of the indo-European Sunwheel and Hindu Swastika
Main archangels (Christianity)
Four books in the Gospel (Christianity)
Worlds in the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism)
Four giants to hold up Heaven (Maya)
Four streams of milk run through Asgard (Germanic Paganism)
Four pillars holding up Heaven (Kemetism)
Horsemen (Plague, Famine, Death and War)
Brahma (four-faced) (Hinduism)
Castes (Hinduism)
Four-leaf clover
Tarot: Empress
Lenormand: House

The 4 stags plus Eikthyrnir
Higher self
Crown chakra
Raido rune (travel, movement)
If you cut fruit with a core such as apples or pears crossways the core looks like a pentagram
Human pentagram (head, arms, legs)
Pentateuch (Judaism, Christianity)
(23, 2 + 3 = 5, Illuminati)
5 pillars of Islamism
Tarot: Hierophant
Lenormand: Tree

Kenaz rune (fire, Loki, Surt, Muspelheim, Ragnarök, creation))
Hexagram (Magen David or “Shield of David” in Judaism, Mer-kah-ba in Egypt); triangle pointing upward (phallic), triangle pointing downward (yonic) – creation
Tarot: The Lovers
Saturday (Loki’s/Saturn’s day)
Breaking out of the cycle
Three sixes – 666
Senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch and the “sixth” sense, intuition/magical knowledge)
6 days of creation (Sumerian, Judaism, Christianity)
Lenormand: Clouds

Seven Saxon worlds (as opposed to the common 9 worlds on the Yggdrasil world tree)
Deadly Sins (Christianity)
Gebo rune (gift)
Day of rest (Judaism, Christianity)
Days of the week (dedicated to Mani, Saxnot, Wotan, Thunar, Frija-Frigg-Freija, Loki and Sol)
7 original Germanic holidays
In anthroposophy 7 years mark one period of soul-development
7 visible colors in a rainbow
Heptagon, Heptagram (Occult traditions)
Pleiades (Greek)
Servant maids of Hathor (Kemetism)
Houses of the underworld with 3×7 gates
Book with seven seals (Christianity)
Cosmic number as it includes 3 (spirit) and 4 (world)
Snow White and the seven dwarves (German fairy tale and folklore)
7th son of a 7th son (Christianity)
Forgive 7 times 7 (Christianity)
Pan has seven flutes (Hellenism)
“7th Heaven”
Arms on the Menorah candleholder (Judaism)
Mithra’s cave has 7 doors with 7 altars to which 7 steps lead up to (Mithraism)
777 is the number of life according to Aleister Crowley’s Liber al vel Legis (O.T.O.)
The number of the God Toth (Kemetism)
Tarot: Chariot
Lenormand: Snake

Forever (eternity after eternity)
Eightfold wheel (Buddhism)
Holidays in the Wheel of the Year (Wiccan, Celtic, Druid, partly Germanic…etc.)
All known children of Loki: with Angerboda: Hel, Fenris, Jörmungand, with Swadilfari: Sleipnir, with Sigyn: Wali, Narfi, with Glut: Einmyria, Eissa
8 Dynamics in Scientology (not a religion but a money-cult, but nonetheless…)
Wunjo rune (bliss),
Tarot: Strength
Lenormand: Coffin

Planets in our solar system (I’m not giving up Pluto!)
Hagalaz (hail, Hel, Holle)
The „magical“ number:
9 x 1 = 9
9 x 2 = 18 > 1 + 8 = 9
9 x 3 = 27 > 2 + 7 = 9
9 x 4 = 36 > 3 + 6 = 9
The sum of 666; 6 +6 +6 = 18 > 1 + 8 = 9
Nine muses (Greek/Roman)
Nine underworlds (Maya)
The nine stages of hell (Dante)
Wotan hung from the world tree for 9 nights (Germanic Paganism)
9 worlds in the multiverse (Germanic Paganism)
9 Undines (wave-sisters, the daughters of Ran) (Germanic Paganism)
The Helveg (way to Hel) takes 9 nights (Germanic Paganism)
Songs that Wotan learned from Bölthorn (Germanic Paganism)
Number of days that Skadi and Njord reside in one of their homes at a time (Germanic Paganism)
3 triple Goddesses in Celtic lore
“Cloud nine”
Virgins in Celtic lore
Tarot: Hermit
Lenormand: Flowers

Nauthiz rune
Ten Commandments (Judaism, Christianity)
Sephiroth (Kabbalah spheres)
Tarot: Wheel of Fortune
Lenormand: Scythe

Isa rune (Hel, Helheim, Niflheim, Niflhel, Naströnd, stagnation, ice)
Thursatrú worlds
Master number in Numerology
1 + 1 = 2
Tarot: Justice
Lenormand: Rods
Chakras plus energy points of the extremities

Zodiac signs
Halls of Asen and Wanen Gods
Months of the year
Jera rune (year, year’s end, end of a cycle, harvest, Rökkr, Ragnarök)
Tribes of Israel
Dalai Lama council members
Members of a jury
Gates of hell through which Re passes each night (Kemetism)
Olympian Gods (Hellenism)
Asynjur (Germanic Paganism)
Paladins of Charlemagne
Chinese zodiac
Knights of the Round Table (Artus saga)
Apostles (Christianity)
Tarot: The Hanged Man
Lenormand: Owls

Original zodiac signs
Perthro rune
Friday 13th (Knights Templars)
Moons in the ancient Nordic year
13 steps on the Illuminati pyramid
Heavens (Mayan religion)
12 Apostles + Jesus (Christianity)
Triskadecaphobia (fear of the number 13)
Paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th)
Tenebrae (Christianity)
Tarot: Death
Lenormand: Child
Lokasenna chapter in the Edda: Loki’s flyting of the Aesir Gods and their misdeeds (Germanic Paganism)

Eiwaz rune
Tarot: Temperance
Lenormand: Fox

Algiz rune (elk)
Tarot: Devil
Lenormand: Bear

Sowilo rune (sun, Sol)
Tarot: Tower
Lenormand: Stars

Tiwaz rune (Týr-Saxnot, justice)
Tarot: Star
Lenormand: Stork

Berkana rune ((re-)birth, Perchta, Holle, Frija-Frigg)
Tarot: Moon
Lenormand: Dog

Ehwaz rune (yew tree)
Tarot: Sun
Lenormand: Tower

Mannaz rune
Tarot: Judgment
Lenormand: Public

Laguz rune (lake, Ran, Aegir, Nehallenia)
Tarot: The World
Lenormand: Mountain
December 21st – end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 (1 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 6, rebirth/new era)

Ing rune (Ingvi-Fro, Frey, Irmin, hearth fire, fire of creation)
Lenormand: Park

Dagaz rune (day, Ragnarök)
Lenormand: Rats

Othala rune
Lenormand: Heart

Lenormand: Ring

Lenormand: Book

Lenormand: Letter

Lenormand: Man

Lenormand: Woman

Lenormand: Lillies

Lenormand: Sun

Lenormand: Moon

Lenormand: Key
Jesus’ age when he allegedly died.

Lenormand: Fish

Lenormand: Anchor

Lenormand: Cross

Years that the Israelites wandered through the desert according to the Bible
Jesus fasted in the desert for forty days (Christianity)

In MLO 218 stands for the “Satanic Current”. 2 + 1 + 8 = 11
Lucifer’s number

Years that the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites in the Bible

“Five hundred doors and four times ten” doors that Einherjer will pass through; 4 + 5 = 9, 0 = cosmos; a complete multiverse (Grimnismal) (Germanic Paganism)

The “number of the beast”
The Hebrew letter Vav (W) – world wide web (barcode conspiracy)

In Aleister Crowley’s Liber al vel Legis (Book of Law) the number of life

Einherjer will pass through each of the 540 doors

Numbers are often dreamt upside down, 666 might just as well be 999

Years that Satan rules over the world before the return of Jesus

Of people who will go to Heaven (Jehova’s Witnesses)

Einherjer combined will walk through the 540 doors in Grimnismal 23, 24 (Edda) (Germanic Paganism)
Sum of 432,000 = 9

This is an incomplete list as of yet.

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